Image 1 The Lonely Dinner, acrylic, oil, oil stick, colouring pencil and velvet on canvas, 2017
Image 2 Self-portrait in the studio, pen on paper, 2017
Image 3 Artist Desk, edition on 10 + 2 copies, /w Artlead, 2017
Image 4 The Village Idiot, artist book, 2017
Image 5 Exhibition view of Billenkoek, solo exhibition at KIOSK, Ghent
Image 6 First image of opcoming jacket collection, 2016-2017
Image 7 Jack and the Paradise Cruise, ballpoint on paper, 2016
Image 8 King of the Sea, deep-pile fabric base with velvet, corduroy and denim appliqué on wooden frame, 100 x 80 cm, 2017
Image 9 Lord Nelson Posters, artist book, graphic design by Ties Goos
Image 10 Hundred Zundert (Tekeningen uit Zundert), Posture Editions
Image 11 De schone deugd, acrylic and spraypaint on wood, 2014
Image 12
Doppelgänger 5 (Lord Little Tree), 2014
Image 13 Spaanse Bourgondiër, ballpoint on paper in artist made frame, 2016
Image 14 Billenkoek, artistbook, 2016
Image 15 Polaroid of painting The Village Idiot, 2017

Image 16 Al draagt een aap een gouden ring, het is en blijft een lelijk ding, 
2014, poster edition w/ Vaast Colson
Image 17 Polaroid of painting The Magician, 2017 
Image 18 So long farewell, wax candle edition (10 + 2 a.p.), 2013
Image 19 Lord Nelson Poster, drawing and collage on poster, 2014
Image 20 Hundred Zundert (Tekeningen uit Zundert), Posture Editions
Image 21 De doorgedraaide, acrylic on wood, 2015
Image 22 Selfportrait (behind the mask), b/w photograph
Image 23 Lord Nelson Poster, drawing and collage on poster, 2014
Image 24 Tranen uit de Schelde, 2014-2015, Muhka, Antwerp (Photo by Christine Clinckx)
Image 25 Analogue photograph of Hoogvlieger, acrylic on wood, 2015
Image 26 Poster edition for Hundred Zundert book release, edition of 10 + 2
Image 27 Catalogus: de dans rond het uurglas, 2012

Image 28 Boomhanger, 2014, print on dibond, edition of 3 + 1 ap
Image 29 The medina rain, acrylic and filler on wood, 2013

The Best Couples in the World (Like Salt and Pepper), ongoing project w/ MOREPublishers at GRAMM restaurant in Brussels

Billboard series, Artlead, August 2017, Ghent

ARTIST FIRST, a groupshow at Francis Boesje Projects, Amsterdam, NL

Presentation new edition /w Artlead, Brussels Gallery Weekend

Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair, 14 October, Antwerp

Presentation Nel's Boutique by Lord Nelson, CASSTL, 18 & 19 November, Antwerp

Solo, Warande, December 2017,

Solo, Museum M, 2019, Leuven

Contact: Carl Freedman Gallery 

All images © Nel Aerts