Image 1 The best couples in the world; Like Salt & Pepper, poster #1
Image 2 Lord Nelson Posters, artist book on 200 copies, 2015

Image 3 Lord Nelsons Poster Cabinet, Stadslimiet, Antwerpen (flyer by Vaast Colson)
Image 4 Lady Teardrop, falling from the sky, 2014
Image 5
Doppelgänger 5 (Lord Little Tree), 2014
Image 6 Frau Wolk Esser, Acrylic on wood, 82 x 68 cm, 2014
Image 7 Al draagt een aap een gouden ring, het is en blijft een lelijk ding, 
2014, poster edition w/ Vaast Colson

Image 8 Hide and Seek, exhibition view with visitors, Netwerk, Aalst

Image 9 Mr. Bow Tie, acrylic on wood, 60,5 x 70 cm, 2014
Image 10 So long farewell, wax candle edition (10 + 2 a.p.), 2013
Image 11 Exhibition view POST at Kunsthall Charlottenborg, photo by Frida Gregersen
Image 12 Selfportrait (behind the mask), b/w photograph
Image 13 Exhibiton view, Lord Nelsons Portrait Gallery, Carl Freedman Gallery, London
Image 14 Whilst the Master sleeps, artistbook w/ Vaast Colson
Image 15 Tranen uit de Schelde, 2014-2015, Muhka, Antwerp (Photo by Christine Clinckx)
Image 16 Catalogus: de dans rond het uurglas, 2012
Image 17 Boomhanger, 2012, 120 x 175 cm
Image 18 De grote overtocht, 2011
Image 19 Mrs. Woods, Acrylic and ecoline on wood, 52,5 x 70 cm
Image 20 Wandelingen (voor Vic), 2010. 16 x 21 cm, edition of 1

All images © Nel Aerts

Inhabitants, groupshow at Aargauer Kunsthaus, April 30 - August 2, Aurau, Switserland

Character Traits, groupshow curated by Matthew Craven at Asya Geisberg Gallery in New York

The Best Couples in the World, upcoming new project and edition w/ MOREPublishers

Me, Myself and I, groupshow at Trampoline, Antwerp, 4 July - 1 August

Before the food fight, groupshow at the Chocoladefabriek in Tongeren, 17 July - 9 August

Lord Nelsons Poster Cabinet, Stadslimiet Antwerpen, 10-11-12 July

contact at Trampoline Gallery and Carl Freedman Gallery